The Archangel Michael Orthodox Christian Bookstore
is pleased to announce that we now have:

Orthodox Christian Videos---Over 60 Titles Available!

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English Titles include:

Mount Athos: A Thousand Years Are as One Day
Where God Walked on Earth
Holy Snakes of the Virgin Mary
Mystery of Russia
Beauty Will Save the World
Heaven on Earth
From This Day – St. Herman of Alaska
The Trinity - St. Sergius Lavra Monastery
St. Basil the Great
St. Catherine
St. George
St. Nicholas

Greek Titles include:

Perasmata Apo to Paradiso (Passages through Paradise) (Greek w/ English Subtitles)
Exclusively Distributed in the U.S. through the Archangel Michael Orthodox Christian Bookstore

Megali Evdomada - Ierosolima Part A & B
(Holy Week In Jerusalem)
Agion Oros – Akropoli (Mt. Athos - Akropoli)
Elder Iakovos Tsalikis
O Agios Spiridon (St. Spiridon)
Ta Vimata Tis Panagias
O Taxiarhis Mihail (Archangel Michael)



Beautifully Decorated Pascha Candles

8 unique styles and sizes available
for your selection.

Hand-decoration includes a variety of icons, beads, ribbons & wax designs.

Greeting Cards with Envelopes - $1.00 Each

Great Lent and Pascha (Easter) Themes:

Holy Annunciation
Extreme Humility of Jesus Christ
Apokathelosis/Descent from the Cross
Anastasis/Holy Resurrection
Archangel Michael
Saints of the Church

Holy Week and Easter Service Book

An excellent book for the worshipper to follow the Holy Week services with compunction and understanding. Greek and English on opposite pages. Contains the complete services for Matins of Holy Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, Holy Unction, and all services from Holy Thursday through the Agape Vespers.

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